Stay Chic

Each bracelet was designed by fashion professionals for everyday wear and versatility. Bold enough to wear alone, yet simple enough to stack with others.

Stay Connected

Get real-time texts, emails, calendar reminders, and more with our custom alert settings.

Stay Safe

With a simple tap, send a distress signal to your emergency contacts in seconds.

Stay Well

Track your activity throughout the day to stay on top and in charge of your wellness.

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Distress Messaging

Safety is Only a Tap Away

In the event of an urgent situation, send a distress signal to the people you choose, along with your geolocation and sound/video recording of your surroundings. Manage your list of approved contacts and customize your touch patterns on the mobile app.

Activity Tracking

Get to Know Your Body

Get the detailed health and wellness insights that you deserve. Track your step count, calories burned, distance traveled, time active/inactive, and more. By collecting advanced biometric data, the bracelet helps you better understand your body and performance throughout the day.

Mobile Notifications

Lose the Screen, Not the Moment

Receive real-time notifications for incoming calls, texts, emails, and calendar reminders in the form of gentle vibrations. Manage your notifications and customize your vibration patterns on the mobile app. Stay connected without having to constantly reach for your phone.

The Calder
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The Calder

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The Kingston
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The Kingston

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The Duchess
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The Duchess

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Style Catalogue

Spring 2016

Water Resistance

Safe for splashes, sweat, and extreme weather.


Our fine, nonporous metals allow for each
bracelet to maintain its quality and shine.

Battery Life

Without a LED screen to power, a single
battery charge can last up to 3 days.

Custom Alerts

Using haptic technology, custom vibration
patterns can be selected easily by each wearer.

Wearable technology is only useful if people actually wear it. Many first-generation wearables were created with masculinity and machine in mind, leaving style behind. At WiseWear, we have cracked the code and fused fashion and technology into an innovative product. The result is the first fully integrated luxury jewelry that people will actually want to wear.


Dr. Gerald "Jerry" Wilmink, PhD MBA
Founder + CEO

WiseWear brings it all. They take the dream of empowering people to get healthy, and turn it into technology that actually works. WiseWear will help us reclaim the health and vitality that we desire, adding years to life and life to years.


Dr. David Katz, MD
Founding Director, Yale Prevention Research Center


What is Socialite™?

The Socialite™ Collection, our first line of luxury smart jewelry, was created to inspire women to be safe, connected, and in tune with their health and wellness. We designed each piece with one goal in mind: to make women feel their most confident on the inside and out. By concealing advanced technology inside casual, yet luxurious jewelry, Socialite allows women to monitor their health and safety in effortless style. Complete with mobile notifications, distress messaging, and detailed activity tracking, Socialite is well-equipped to provide users with everything they need.

How does Socialite work?

Socialite connects to your phone so you can receive real-time mobile notifications and updates on your activity performance throughout the day. The safety function allows you to send a distress signal to your pre-approved list of contacts, along with optional geolocation and sound/video recording of your surroundings. You can manage your list of pre-approved contacts, vibration patterns, touch patterns, types of notifications, and more on the Socialite app.

How does the safety function work?

The Socialite app allows you to set up a network of pre-approved contacts who will be notified when you need help. In the event of an urgent situation, tap your bracelet three times to alert your network. You can customize your touch patterns through the Socialite app. Once you tap your bracelet, your contacts will receive a text message, with a drop pin to your location via Google or Apple maps.