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What exists today in the health and fitness wearable market does not satisfy consumers’ need to See Inside the human body. First generation health and fitness devices introduced daily step counts and other estimates. Consumers demand more. The WiseWear sensor platform offers disruptive innovation that collects contextually aware data that is automated and derived from multiple sources.

WiseWear creates tools to empower with the ability to unlock individual limitless potential with Evolve™. We envision a world where peoples' lives are transformed to be happy, healthy and productive with the potential to Evolve™. WiseWear meets the demand for more and shapes the future of consumer healthcare. Evolve™ is a consistently accurate, personalized device. We empower consumers to See Inside the wonder and complexity of the human body and take action to improve their lives.


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Join us as we change the world by empowering you to See Inside™ to live the happy, healthy and productive life you deserve. Be a part of innovation. Be a part of the story. Follow our developments. Tell your networks of the coming future in consumer health & fitness.

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